Oh, you’ve heard the announcement already so I’m not going to act like you haven’t.  And if you haven’t, well be educated.  Sims4 has been announced!

I’m going to be one of those outrageous fans and say, I’m excited.  No, the real type of excited that came before Sims3 was bought and played.  I have to give every new game a chance after all.  We got a lot of veterans from the first two games coming in and working on this.

But with the Simcity (fully Maxis) disaster of online connection, I am proud to tell you all:


This right, you don’t have to be on the internet to play your favorite game series’s new addition.  Thank Buda right?

At some point in time, I am sure, they will make some “special” addition to be online.  Why?  Well, some people actually want to play with their friends.  My friends wouldn’t want to play with me though…I would end up destroying their lovely neighborhoods because I’m very destructive. Go figure.

Oh and by-the-way, don’t use those Simmies in the picture as the “final project” because I’m sure they are just some test subjects they threw up real quick.  I’m just glad these test subjects’ eyes aren’t so soulless.

Now let’s talk about something contreversal.  When do you think the time period will be?  Before Sunset Valley, after Pleasantview, sometime in-between?

I don’t know yet.  I would like to see some friendly faces: The Goths, Calientes, Olive (always), hell, even ol’ Crumplebottom.

Definite wants in BaseGame (because wanting certain EPs in BG is just ridiculous on a marketing scale):

>Keep the F’in Aliens in BG, who the hell thought otherwise in TS3?  Damn Stupid, that’s who.

>HEIGHT SLIDERS!!! It’s time I think.  TS2=CustomFaces, TS3=CustomBodyShape, TS4=CustomHeight(?)

>Schools, doesn’t have to be University, but definitely Elementary/High School, and maybe a Community College for adults wanting to further in their careers, such and such.

>Multi-terrain neighborhoods, having rural and urban areas (with corresponding roads and fields) in the same neighborhood.

>NO STORY PROGRESSION!!! Big killer to me as a storyteller.  I don’t like going to Sim A’s house and playing for awhile, going to Sim B’s house, have some fun, then return to Sim A’s house to find them aged twice over and foaming at the mouth. Come on man! In TS3 even if you turned off “story progression,” they still progressed without you.  Don’t like it, take it out!

>And…most importantly…a game that actually runs smooth!  I understand that an upgraded game will, of course, require better graphics and such and such, but if I have those graphics and such and such then the game should play smoothly, and not have problems at all in low performance.  Seriously.


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2 Comments on “Sims4”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Meh not that excited. This is EAxis who are making the game. Y’know, that gaming company with a continued mission to suck?

    You know what I want in sims 4? Sims who actually look like decent human beings. That’s why I never bought ts3.

    And I’m not sure I’d want them messing with Pleasantview. Especially if it’s a future version of Pleasantview cos that kinda messes up my story 😉

    • I see them running into issues if they do it right after the initial Sims2 storyline. They would have to explain Bella’s disappearance a little more so they may do like a “100 years” in the future thing…or 50 years…if they do it at all. I would like some returning characters for sure though.

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