AU UPdate!

Alternate Universe, Book 2, Chapter 28 now posted! YAAAAY!

I made a Let’s Create-a-Sim video HERE of how I make Vaiden Zarren.  I should probably start making a section of my videoes here…

Sorry, I haven’t been very active.  It’s because of real life and slightly tumblr.  You can catch me there, link is in “Other MDP Sites.”‘

13pumpkin is on vacation so you probably won’t catch her doing anything until after the 28th.

I’ve noticed a lot of missing updates in stories (like my own).  Though Skell has been putting up teasers for Fortune and Romance, like me, she went through a dry spell on the sim story front.  Inspiration can be a bitch sometimes.  Enthusiasm even more.

BUT BluPaws updated Chamber Hearts recently so YAY!

Last checked Feathergolde Isles BACC was on Week 7 with the Almstedt group.

Golden Flames sits at Chapter/Part 29.

Strangetown, Here We Come has up to Chapter 36 Part 2 for your pleasure.

On a sad note, Youtube sensation and Sims3 cheerleader Quxxn has died.  She passed away on the 21st from complications with an emergency surgery.  I’ve actually never watched any of her videoes, but I’ve heard such great things about how she inspired lots of people into playing Sims3 and posting videos of Let’s Play on Youtube.  CurtisParadis has dubbed July 22 has Quxxn Day now and asked others spread the word so I’m doing my part.

But on another Youtube-related note, and perhaps a happier one, another LiveBroadcast of TheSims, featuring Sims4, was on today.  I haven’t checked it out yet, but I’m assuming they’re going to be talking about the recently announced Into the Future expansion pack, and Movie Accessories stuff pack.  Both of them actually look pretty good to a non-Sims3 player, which means loads of conversions when they come out!  One I believe comes out in September, the other in October.  I was actually surprised that they weren’t closer to Christmas…so it means Sims3 will probably put one more stuff pack out for that season.  At least I would think they would.  EA, after all, loves the simoleons.

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2 Comments on “AU UPdate!”

  1. Joseph Says:

    So sorry to hear about Quixxn. I’d heard that she was going through some complications but hadnt heard about her death.

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