Four years…


It’s been four years since I started posting my stories online.  Many people may not remember, but the first thing I posted was in Sims3, The GangChapter 1: Without Sight.  I posted 22 chapters in TS3, but I could not stand the performance problems and just lack of storytelling devices that came with TS3 so I retreated back to Sims2.



I also started and completed another TS3 story called The Shadow and a mini-series, Subway Eat Now before uninstalling.



But The Gang is kind of my main story and since my TS3 experience was over, many thought I was just going to give up on it.  I did not. Instead I remade every single scene in each chapter to not disappoint my readers.  So after a year,The Gang was back up and ready for updates.  It now has 57 Chapters, and an aside, HHS.  Is there an end in sight?  Nah, why? It can go on forever, if I want it to.



Along the way I’ve also posted a TS2 story that I made in 2007 called Christine’s Story. I had a challenge, Condemned, but my laptop crashed after just the second week and I lost everything on it so it was scrapped.  The Shadow had a sequel called Reowned Promises. (Funny that the sequel was in TS2, many thought that was definitely going backwards)


But my most successful story is probably Alternate Universe.  I might holdThe Gang up to high standards, but AU is definitely the more popular of the two.


It wasn’t originally going to be a long series, but after twenty chapters were posted, I knew that it had another 30 to go.  So Chapter 50 was the last of it.  Or was it?  I posted four interludes and then “Book 2” started, just a year ago.  We’re now up to Chapter 29, 30 in the works.

I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to share my stories with you all and I hope to continue for…ever…


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