Hi All

Touching base here.

Haven’t really been active since UPdating Sims 2 Bustin’ Out, but not to worry! I’m just working.  It takes a lot of time, that thing called work.  But I suppose it’s necessary for RL and everything.

The Gang is next up in the line of story UPdates.  Chapter 60(?) I think.  Usually a big chapter, but I’m getting to the point with The Gang that I’m making a lot of “set up” chapters.  60 should be one.  I’ll have to look over my notes.

Not much happening in the simmer storytelling world lately.  I don’t know of any recent updates. (Been waiting on Skell’s since the end of November)  

EA announced there’s suppose to be a “surprise” on February 4th as it is the anniversary of The Sims franchise.  A lot of people believe it’ll be a Sims 3 sale or something.  But I’m apart of the group that’s hoping for Sims 4 news.  Anything really groundbreaking more than just “emotions” and other things we’ve already seen. 

I’d like a better trailer really.  Sims 3 and 2 had multiple trailers, most for the different expansions, but base game for TS3 had three trailers I believe.  You’d think they would be hitting the market hard right now with anticipation.  I’m sure by the summer we won’t be able to turn on the TV without watching a TS4 trailer.

I’d like a sneak peak at what the other generations will look like too.

But enough wishes for tonight.

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