Yo Dude, Wat UP?

Just posted Chapter 41 of Alternate Universe Book 2.

Sims 2 Bustin Out is hanging out at Chapter 12. I’ve been working on the next chapter when I get the time.  There’s 40+ pictures right now, but still nowhere near done.

The Gang…I will pretend that this story exists for awhile longer.  I finally have everyone back in their houses, exception Rez and Angel.  They’re house got lost in the move so I’ll have to recreate it or pretend that it’s a totally different house.

Hell High School is one the farther-est of back burners.

I’ve also posted a couple of SimCity Let’s Play on youtube.

Around the community…

Holleyberry is posting Dossanina posts again!

Nappe posted a new chapter of Isolerad.

Fortune and Romance is still hanging out at Chapter 16.

Jaydesims is posting a Sims 4 story called SimNation. If you haven’t checked it out, you better.

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