Christine’s Story

She wanted peace.  She wanted love.  She was Christine Jones.

This is a Sims2 story that I managed to recover before the meteor strike destroyed my main neighborhood a few crashes and a couple 0f laptops ago.

This story is fiction.  Even though some themes support real life situations, it has nothing to do with our world.  Again fiction, not real.

I rate it T for Teen, but it does have material suitable for M for Mature.

Warnings: may want to keep someone’s hand in yours while reading this…also a box of tissues may help.

The story is composed on PowerPoint.  At this time and age (2007-2008), I thought it was an awesome way to show my stories to viewers.

(This attachment below is for Microsoft 2007)

Forever Yours in Darkness

(This attachment below is for Microsoft 1999-2003)

Forever Yours in Darkness2

You must view the show (F5 on your keyboard).  Do not scroll down the slides.  The effects will not work and you may become confused on some parts if you do not view the show.  Also I did not set a timer with the PowerPoint; therefore, you must click for the objects to appear.


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