Reowned Promises

This is a Sims2 story and it is based around 100 years after The Shadow (TS3).  Why is this not in TS3?  Well, I left Sims3 in December 2010 because the game had too many issues performance-wise and aggravation-wise; therefore, I have retreated back to TS2.


Nova is a Shadow Being, a creature made from the dark.  He strives for adventure and romance, but mostly he wishes to prove himself as a separate entity from the ever lingering reputation of his adopted father Marvelous Mac.  Where shall his adventures go?  And what problems shall he face?

Meanwhile, for a Vampire named Salem, there are more immediate dangers to face.

T for Teen, but could be M for Mature.  Nothing in this story is realistic, has nothing to do with this world we call Earth, ok?


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