The Gang

The Gang is about the hardships of life and how family and friends can help ease the pain away.  It is based after the civil war between Humans and Androids.  Though the inital attacks are over, there is still bitterness between the races.  This story focuses on a group of friends.  Some were hit hard by the war, others not so much.  Nonetheless, they have so much more to learn about one another.

I rate it T for Teen, for now; however, it’ll probably reach M for Mature at some point in the story.  This is fantasy, by the way.  Contains: Androids, Mystical Creatures, etc.  Though some of the themes support real life situations, it has nothing to do with this world we call Earth, ok?

Each Entry Title represents a flaw or strength in the character the Chapter surrounds.  For instance, in the first chapter, Without Sight, Sally couldn’t see the truth about Shane so now she’s heartbroken.


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