Subway, EAT NOW, Dammit!

Writer Notes: Oh it has been awhile. My bad.  This was all on the new computer so I had to search around for all of the old downloads.  I was successful, except in finding Jack’s hair in the last episode so…he’s just going to have his regular hair.  For purposes of the story, he threw the hat down.  There are no excellent writer skills presented in this for I just don’t feel like using them.

Background: In the last episode of Subway, EAT NOW! the threesome was hungry after a long day of shopping. Dorian wanted Subway, which made everyone else want Subway; however, Shelley claimed that the store would be closing in ten minutes and it takes thirty minutes to get there. Dorian wanted to speed.  Shelley said NO!  Jack thought of an idea.

And now the next exciting episode of Subway, EAT NOW, Dammit!

“I have an idea.” Jack said.  The others turned in interest as to what their friend was going to say.  “We click our heels three times and say: ”There’s no place like Subway. There’s no place like Subway.'”

“Great idea, Jack!” Dorian squealed.

“Oh, please, don’ t be absurd.” Shelley shook her head.  “This is not the Wizard of Oz.”

“She ruins everything.” Dorian grumbled.

“Don’t mind, Creator Lady, she’s moody from lack of tuna subs.” Jack said.  “Well, if my great plan isn’t going to work then what? I thought it out so perfectly…”

“It’s just not possible.” Shelley sighed.  “We’re going to have to think of some place else to eat.”

“No, dammit, we started out wanting Subway and we are going to finish having Subway!” Dorian exclaimed.

“Uh, how?” Shelley questioned.  “It closes in exactly eight minutes.”

“Jack, I beg of you, please figure out another bullet proof idea that Miss Pissy over there can agree with!” Dorian said.  “Our only hope is in you!”

“Oh brother.” Shelley continued to shake her head.

“I will try to be speedy!” Jack announced.

“We’re doomed.” Shelley muttered.

“So negative.” Dorian said.  “Jack is amazing! He’ll figure out something!”

“Uh, Dorian, I made Jack. I know exactly what he is.” Shelley stated.

“This is not helping my concentration!” Jack claimed.  “Talking about me is wonderful and all. I do appreciate it, but my stomach needs food!”

“I’m telling you, the only way to do this is to speed!” Dorian cried.

“Uh huh, no way!” hissed Shelley.

“She’s right, Dorian, we mustn’t speed. We must be gallant and not break the law.”

Shelley side glanced at Jack.  “Riiiight.”

“Only through self determination shall we conquer space and time. Shall we get our 5 dollar foot longs! Shall we be full and cry in the pleasure and agony!” Jack shouted.  “Creator Lady, I have my second idea!”

“Really motivating there, Jack.” Dorian whispered.


5 Comments on “Subway, EAT NOW, Dammit!”

  1. frydgriffon Says:

    uh oh time and space. it sounds like something off “Hero’s”

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Haha, this is gold mdp!

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