Subway, EAT NOW, or Never!

Writer Notes: Happy April Fool’s Day!!!  And no, this is no joke. 😉  Again, there are no excellent writer skills in this presentation, primarily because I’m lazy and didn’t want to use them.

Background: In the last episode of Subway, EAT NOW! Dorian, Jack, and Shelley starved for precious subs; however Jack’s first plan of clicking heels together and reciting “there’s no place like Subway” was spoiled by Shelley’s lack of tuna subs.  They knew the clock was chiming down to closing time and if that happened then there would be no SUBS!!!  Dorian still believed in speeding and Jack thought of another idea.

Now for the exciting conclusion of Subway, EAT NOW, or Never!!!

“May I bud in, Jack?” Dorian asked.  “Your last plan wasn’t very…thought out so maybe you should think about it for more than a few seconds?”

“OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHhhh, all right.” Jack sighed. 

“Way to go, Dorian.” Shelley huffed.  “It may have been a really good idea. Now we’ve got only six minutes to get to Subway.”

“Don’t blame me!” Dorian cried.  “I just want to make sure Jack has it really planned out.”

“Dorian,” It was Shelley’s turn to sigh.  “He’s blonde.”


“There isn’t anything more. He’s blonde.”

“Ok,” Jack interrupted.  “The plan has been thought through.”

Dorian shook his head.  “Go ahead.”

“Creator Lady, you are the maker of this land!” Jack began.  “If you think something, it appears! So, think Subway, think about the place, think about the textures, think about the people there and Subway will come to us!!!”

“Why didn’t I think of that?” Shelley questioned.

“Maybe because you were too busy being pissy.” Dorian laughed.  Shelley did not.

“Close your eyes, Creator Lady, and think of Subway!” Jack commanded.


“HOLY SHIT!!!” They all screamed in unison.

“You did it, Creator Lady!” Jack clapped.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!” The other two screamed.

“Let’s eat NOW!!!”


10 Comments on “Subway, EAT NOW, or Never!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Oh my this was too funny! Very entertaining mdp! 🙂

  2. SB Says:

    This is hysterical! Plus beautifully and creatively shot. Love the color and the facial expressions!

  3. 13pumpkin Says:

    EAT NOW!!!
    I loved it MDP…I laughed so hard at the black screen (when Shelly was thinking)!

    New shirt: $20
    Two movie tickets: $16
    Getting that delicious SubWay sub: Priceless!

  4. Kiri Says:

    Still laughing out loud! This is hilarious my dear!

  5. pinkfiend1 Says:

    This is great md. Really funny.

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