Subway, EAT NOW!

Background: The three simmies in this story are Dorian Kace, Jack Saiders, and Shelly Michelle.  Dorian and Shelly are self-sims of my best friend and I…and well…Jack’s his own self, of course.  We just got back from a full day of shopping and are now HUNGRY!

“OH MY EMPTY STOMACH!” Dorian shouted.  “I am SOOOO hungry!”

“Must. Get. Food!” Jack declared.

“All right, where do you guys wanna go?” Shelly asked.

Jack froze in place.  “Dear God…”

“She’s making us decide.” He whispered to Dorian.

“Oh shit!”

“Well, I decided last time.” Shelly replied.

“But-but-but-but—!” Jack stuttered.

“FOOTLONG!” Dorian suddenly shouted.

“Holy Swiss and cheddar cheese Batman!” Jack exclaimed. “We must go!”

“But they close in ten minutes.” Shelly said.

Both of the boys stood frozen in horror and could not believe what Shelly had just said.

“NOOOOO!” Jack yelled dramatically, waiting to hear his echo.

“Well, we better get going!” Dorian shouted.  “It takes thirty minutes to get there!”

“We’re not speeding.” Shelly grumbled.

“How dare you!” Dorian gasped.  “I would never speed.”

“Uh huh.” Shelly frowned.  “But it’s still impossible to get there in ten minutes when it takes thirty minutes to actually get there.”

“But-but-but!” Jack begged.  “Five dollar foot longs!”

“But there’s tuna!” Dorian smirked.

“Ah—yeah—umm—we got to get to Subway!”

“But how, Creator Lady?!?” Jack asked.  “You already said it was impossible!”

“I know, Jack, but we must try!”

“We must think of a mischievous plan.”

“No,” Jack said seriously.  “We are not using my fame!”


“Self righteous—why did I make him that way?” Shelly thought.  “Well, I’m out of ideas.”

“Our only option is speeding!” Dorian interrupted.  “We’re wasting time!”

“She said no speeding.” Jack mumbled.  “And—she has all the money.”

“No speeding!” Shelly said before Dorian could open his mouth again.  “The tuna—may not be worth that much.”

“She says that now—” Jack whispered.

“But-but-but—Subway—foot long—must eat now!” Dorian pouted.

“Not worth it.” Shelly said.

“But you have the money to pay the speeding ticket!”


“But it’s my car!”


“AH HA!” Jack suddenly announced.  “I have a plan!”

…to be continued.


10 Comments on “Subway, EAT NOW!”

  1. lepifera Says:

    what a riot 😀

  2. bo Says:

    hungry now step into a snickers…

  3. medleymisty Says:

    Haha! I loved this!

  4. I really need to make the second part to it…wish my laptop would cooperate. 😦

  5. Jennifer Says:

    This is great, loved it!

  6. Kiri Says:

    LMAO!!!! I wasn’t in a place to be able to read this when it came out. But man – it’s got me laughing my head off! (And I want your self-sim for TS3!)

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